Cleaner Energy for a Better Tomorrow: Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) for DG Sets

Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) for DG Sets

As India continues to develop, the need for reliable and clean energy sources becomes more pressing. Diesel generator (DG) sets are commonly used for backup power, but they often contribute to air pollution. To address this issue, the Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) is emerging as an effective solution. This article will explore what RECDs are, their benefits, how they work, and how Innoprudent Technologies and Solutions LLP is helping to implement these devices for a cleaner and greener India.

What is a Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD)?

A Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) is an add-on technology designed to reduce the emissions from existing diesel generator sets. These devices can be installed on DG sets to lower harmful pollutants such as particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and hydrocarbons. By retrofitting older generators with these devices, we can significantly reduce their environmental impact without the need for completely new equipment.

Benefits of RECDs for DG Sets

  1. Environmental Impact: One of the most significant benefits of RECDs is their ability to reduce harmful emissions. This leads to cleaner air, which is crucial for the health and well-being of communities, especially in urban areas where pollution levels are already high.
  2. Cost-Effective: Installing RECDs on existing DG sets is more cost-effective than replacing the entire generator. It allows businesses and homeowners to continue using their current equipment while meeting new environmental standards.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: As environmental regulations become stricter, having RECDs installed on DG sets ensures compliance with governmental standards. This helps avoid fines and supports efforts to create a sustainable environment.
  4. Improved Public Health: Reducing emissions from DG sets directly impacts public health by lowering the incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases caused by air pollution.

How Do RECDs Work?

RECDs work by filtering and treating the exhaust gases produced by diesel generators. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process:

  1. Filtration: The exhaust gas passes through a filter that traps particulate matter and soot.
  2. Catalytic Conversion: A catalyst converts harmful pollutants like NOx and hydrocarbons into less harmful substances such as nitrogen and water vapor.
  3. Monitoring and Maintenance: Advanced RECDs come with monitoring systems that ensure the device is functioning correctly and may signal when maintenance is required.

Innoprudent Technologies and Solutions LLP’s Role

At Innoprudent Technologies and Solutions LLP, we are committed to providing innovative and prudent solutions in the energy sector. Our focus on sustainable technologies includes promoting and implementing RECDs for DG sets across India. Here’s how we are making a difference:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: We offer comprehensive consultations to assess the suitability of RECDs for your existing DG sets. Our experts evaluate your equipment and recommend the best solutions tailored to your needs.
  2. Installation and Maintenance: We handle the entire installation process, ensuring that the RECDs are correctly fitted to your DG sets. Additionally, we provide ongoing maintenance services to keep the devices running efficiently.
  3. Awareness and Education: We believe in spreading awareness about the importance of reducing emissions. Our team conducts workshops and training sessions to educate businesses and communities on the benefits of RECDs and how to maintain them.
  4. Support and Compliance: We assist our clients in navigating environmental regulations and ensure that their DG sets comply with the latest standards. Our support helps businesses avoid penalties and contribute to a cleaner environment.


The Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) offers a practical and effective solution to reduce the environmental impact of diesel generator sets. By implementing RECDs, we can significantly lower harmful emissions, improve air quality, and promote public health. At Innoprudent Technologies and Solutions LLP, we are dedicated to leading this change by providing expert consultation, installation, and maintenance services for RECDs. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for India.

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