Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


  • Lower Efficiency & Higher AC Requirement
  • Low Component Life – around 7-8 years
  • High OPEX in Life Cycle


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System ranging from 100 KVA to 10.5 MW.
  • Key Electronic Components are Japanese – Ensuring Quality, Reliability & Higher Life.
  • 100% Regenerative Load Compatibility & Lower Harmonic Noise.
  • An IGBT DC-to-DC Chopper Charging Circuit – Extending Battery and Capacitor Life


  • Greenest Eff. (AC-AC) of >96% in Double conversion Mode and 98.5% in Smart Drive Mode.
  • Trusted & Proven, by TMEIC, a Joint Venture between Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric, Japan.
  • Multi-Level Technology (Superior to IGBT & Patented).
  • Lower Heat Loss & Consequently Lower AC tonnage.
  • AC & DC Capacitors Life > 15 years.
  • Lower OPEX & Extended Warranties Up to 05 years.

Features- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric India Company (TMEIC) is a joint venture between Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in industrial electric and automation systems for industrial plants. The company develops and produces power electronics apparatus, electric motors, drives, and uninterruptible power supplies. TMEIC has setup a State-of-the-Art Power Electronics manufacturing plant at Tumkur, Karnataka (Near Bangalore). Presently TMEIC manufactures UPS system ranging from 100KVA to 10.5 MW and shortly this range shall start from 40KVA onwards. 


TMUPS® is World’s first multi-level Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply for the growing demand of high reliability and efficient power solution for mission-critical applications. Our innovative circuit concept and with exclusive power module delivers superior performance and reliability with reduced cost of ownership.

Toshiba Mitsubishi UPS

Key features of TMEIC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS):

  • All-IGBT are CSTBT( Carrier stored trench bipolar transistor ) based multi-level technology (Superior to IGBT)- Innovative and Patented Concept.
  • Greenest efficiency (AC-AC)  of >96% in Double conversion Mode and 98.5% in Smart Drive Mode resulting in significant electricity savings due to lower heat loss & consequently lower AC tonnage
  • TMEIC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) design uses  AC & DC capacitors with a very long lifetime of 15 years
  • Key electronic components are Japanese ensuring quality, reliability & higher component life.
  • 100% regenerative load compatibility
  • Lower harmonic noise
  • High speed digital control to supply stable power to the critical load even with 100% unbalance load and with 100% regenerative type loads.
  • Modular & redundancy with each Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) module features its own static bypass and control circuitry.
  • An IGBT DC-to-DC Chopper charging circuit, extending battery and capacitor life.
  • A Hybrid Static-Bypass Switch.
  • Complete Front-Access for Installation& with  multiple cable entry points

Advanced Features for Maximum Performance & Reliability

  1. Green Oriented design for highest level of efficiency > 96%
  • Our patented technology provides a true on-line double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS system that offers high efficiencies No Matter what the load type.
  • Efficiency ratings as high as >96% even with loads as low as 40%.
  1. Innovative Multilevel -level Conversion Technology reducing the switching loss by 56%
  • Innovative advance Multilevel -Level Next Generation Technology create 3 -Level output voltage.
  • Reduction of converter loss, Reduce EMI noise, Reduce the harmonic component & Reactor size and leads UPS size has also been significantly reduced
  • Higher System reliability & performance
  • Lower voltage stresses on power semiconductors device & capacitors
  • Enhanced component life by limiting internal temperature rise
  1. Proprietary Power Module for to provide low conduction losses
  • All-IGBT (CSTBT- Carrier store trench bipolar transistor) – Innovative Circuit Concept.
  • CSTBT modules provide low conduction losses, Lower on-State Voltage & better relationship between on state voltage & Saturation voltage.
  • Its High thermal withstanding and short circuit characteristics of CSTBT Module– provides high reliability to UPS and business critical loads – no production loss and increased productivity
  1. Design with Industry-Leading Power Electronic and controls technology
  • Fully Digital, IGBT Converter and Inverter with Advanced Multi-Level Circuit Topology and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Innovative Circuit Design Concept- with Load current feed forward sensing with current minor loop control to support the 100% unbalanced loads.
  • Bidirectional Power converters –Suitable for 100% regenerative Industrial loads – No power wasted in regeneration or no UPS tripping during regeneration- Save power & increased productivity.
  • Advanced DSP adopted ASIC realize control circuit design with -feed forward system to Track the load pattern and control the output voltage regulation –under dynamic load conditions.
  • Paralleled up to eight UPS modules for increased capacity and redundancy.
  • Smallest Footprint with Highest Power Density
  • An IGBT DC-to-DC Chopper charging circuit extending battery and capacitor life.
  1. Standard Features

  • AC INPUT- 380/400/415VAC 3P, 3W, (+15%, -20% Voltage Range)
  • Frequency 50HZ (+/-10%)
  • Input THDi <3% @ 100% Load with Power Factor: 0.99
  • Surge Withstand: meets IEEE, 587. ANSI C62.41-1991
  • AC OUTPUT- 380,400,415VAC 3P4W 50 Hz Voltage Accuracy: ± 1%
  • Load Power Factor: 0.9 & Voltage THD: 2% Maximum @100% Linear Load
  • Overload: 125% for 10 Minutes,150% for 1 Minute
  • Temperature: 0–40°C for UPS
  • Relative Humidity: 5–95% (Non-condensing) & Altitude:< 1000M above sea level

Reliability by design – Long Mean Time between Failures (MTBF)

Design Life > 15 years for CSTBT & Capacitors

  • No need of replacement

Modular SPDs at mains & bypass input

  • Protects load and UPS components from SURGES

Faster& Precise control system

  • Excellent short circuit withstand capacity
  • Superior dynamic step load& Transfer performance

Reliable parallel operation-Scalable

  • Parallel operation upto 10.5 MW
  • Adapts feed forward control with current minor loop – to avoid cross current failures

Serviceability by design – Less Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Modular construction:

  • No Compromise on reliability
  • Quick recovery
  • Built in SD Card records any unexpected events – RCA & quick resolution

24×7 Support closer to customer:

  • Qualified & factory trained Engineers
  • Quick response time
  • Regional parts depot
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