Enhancing Power Generation Efficiency with Hybrid/Dual Fuel Solutions

Innovative retrofit technologies like Hybrid/Dual Fuelling Systems are revolutionizing the power generation landscape, especially for liquid-fired engines. These systems offer the flexibility to operate on a mixture of liquid fuel and Natural Gas, providing significant advantages in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and environmental friendliness.

Understanding Hybrid/Dual Fuel Solutions:

Hybrid/Dual Fuel Systems employ external technologies to enable liquid-fired engines to run on a blend of liquid fuel and Natural Gas. These systems deliver Natural Gas to the cylinders via an Air-Gas Mixer situated in the standard engine air-intake system. The Gas is ignited by a diesel “pilot,” acting as an ignition source for the air-gas mixture.

Key Characteristics and Benefits:

Precise Regulation and Control:

The system requires precise regulation and control of the fuel supply gas, facilitated by a “gas train” consisting of a gas filter, zero pressure gas regulator, and an electrically activated gas solenoid valve. This ensures regulated gas supply to the engine at slightly negative pressure.

State-of-the-Art Electronic Controller:

Hybrid/Dual Fuel Solutions feature a State-of-the-Art Electronic Controller that allows operation in both Manual and Automatic modes. It monitors critical engine and Dual-Fuel System parameters, activating/deactivating gas mode according to programmed limits for enhanced safety and ease of operation.

Seamless Fuel Conversion:

Conversion allows engines to operate on gas mixtures ranging from 50% to 70%+ of total fuel consumed. The transition from Hybrid/Dual Fuels to 100% Diesel Fuel is seamless, with the engine automatically reverting to predefined settings when needed.

Compatibility and Fuel Flexibility:

Compatible Fuel Gases include Pipeline natural gas (PNG), Coal-bed Methane (CBM), Compressed natural gas (CNG), Bio-gas (landfill, wastewater), Liquefied natural gas (LNG), and wellhead gas. The system ensures continuous engine operation, even if no gas is available, running on 100% liquid fuel.

Integrated Solutions and Safety Features:

Hybrid/Dual Fuel Solutions are developed as fully integrated solutions with critical components sourced from reputable European suppliers like Dungs, Germany. Safety features include continuous monitoring of Exhaust Gas Temperature and Engine Knock, ensuring safe engine operation at all times.


Hybrid/Dual Fuel Solutions offer a non-intrusive, simple, and efficient means of enhancing power generation efficiency. With benefits such as fuel flexibility, seamless fuel conversion, and integrated safety features, these systems are transforming the way liquid-fired engines operate.

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